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Ancient Sumerian Contract for Sale of Property

Ancient Sumerian Contract for Sale of Property

The Law Office of Lewis & Lewis is a California based full service law firm that offers practice in the area of real estate litigation. John and Kevin Lewis are also a licensed real estate brokers. The firm has a dedicated, thorough, results-oriented team that understands the importance of assiting in residential and commercial real estate matters. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations.

We recognize that the buyer, seller, broker/agent, and lender all have a vested interest in the real estate closing being handled and completed in a professional and thorough manner. Enforce your rights in the purchase or sale of a property, easements, title, deeds and other real estate related matters. Our firm is committed to high standards of services, integrity and professionalism. We strive to provide personalized one-on-one service for our clients and would consider it a privilege to handle your work. Our firm has experience in all types of ral estate matters such as real estate contracts, easements, deeds, land issues and other areas of the law.

We look forward to being of assistance to you with your real estate needs. If you need an experienced lawyer, we at the Law Office of Lewis & Lewis can help you reach a resolution quickly. We are ready to go the distance with you, and we keep your best interests in mind at all times.

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