Trade Secrets

trade-secret-xThe Law Office of Lewis & Lewis assists clients in understanding the value of their confidential proprietary information, and to protect that information – which can qualify as trade secrets under the law if the requisite steps are taken – so that their businesses can thrive. Trade secret information can include formulas, manufacturing or business processes, methods of operation, business strategies, customer information, and compilations of information.  Information may be protectable as trade secrets even though it is not patented or copyrighted.  In a business environment with increasing employee mobility and the proliferation of start-up companies in the Internet and technology sectors, misappropriation and misappropriation claims are on the rise.  We advise clients on how to protect their trade secrets and to recover them and to obtain compensation if they are misappropriated.  We also counsel our clients on how to avoid misappropriation claims by others and on defending such claims if they are made.  Contact us to discuss your particular case.