Products Liability

products-liabilityAt any moment during your day, a products liability claim can develop. From the lead in toys that our children enjoy to the tires on our vehicles that we trust to safely transport our families, to a defective pogo stick, or exploding cans of soda, the consequences of a defective product can be devastating. The area of law that has developed to remedy these situations is called products liability. Consumers have a right to assume that the products they use are safe and reliable. When they fail and cause injury or death, a consumer has a right to file a claim against a number of parties in the chain that allowed the dangerous product to be put out on the market.

Product defects can surface in different ways including defects in design, manufacturing or failure to warn of associated dangers in the product’s usage. Moreover, liability in these cases can rest on many different parties ascending the supply chain up to the original manufacturer — from the manufacturer and distributor to the supplier and retailer. After gathering all of this information, a knowledgeable attorney will determine the appropriate type of claim that should be pursued including strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty or even fraud. Call us today to discuss your case.